Conventional multi-spindle lathes

A high productivity

CNC Multi-spindle lathes

Complexity and exigency 

CNC single-spindle lathes

Infinite possibility

Roundtable transfer machine

Competitivity and productivity


Our highly qualified teams have years of experience in the industry of screw machining and machining of parts. Their in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience ensure that each project is in good hands, regardless of its complexity.

The industry is evolving rapidly, and our employees constantly stay up-to-date with the latest technological advances. They actively participate in training to maintain their expertise at the highest level.

Our machine range

We constantly invest in the latest technologies to guarantee you quality production. Our precision CNC machines ensure exceptional uniformity and increased productivity.

Conventional multi-spindle lathes :

Stemming from conventional screw cutting, multi-spindle lathes give you very high productivity, thanks to simultaneous machining of several parts. It thus particularly suits large series such as those found in the automotive field for example.  Our machine capacity ranges from 5 to 32mm in diameter.

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CNC Multi-Spindle Lathes : complexity and exigency

The productivity of conventional multi-spindle lathes combined with the possibilities of CNC.

The CNC multi-spindle lathe is capable of complex processing (milling, transversal drilling, etc.) in the most demanding materials

Our machine capacity ranges from 5 to 32mm in diameter.  

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CNC single-spindle lathes : infinite possibility

The CNC single spindle lathe provides a wide range of possibilities, enabling us to handle all your projects…   Our machining capacity ranges from 5 mm to 65 mm diameter.   

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Roundtable transfer machine  :

The roundtable transfer machines allow us to carry out several processes from blank (turning, casting, cold heading).  The simultaneous processing of several parts means that we can reach a high level of productivity and competitiveness, even when designing complex parts

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Quality is our top priority. Each part we produce undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure full compliance with your specifications.

Lead Time:

We understand that deadlines are crucial in your business. Our ability to respond quickly to your production needs allows you to maintain your delivery schedule.