Building and energy sector machining


With advanced technical expertise in the turning of parts for the building and energy sectors, we understand the strict tolerance requirements and rigorous quality standards that govern these industries.

We prioritize safety and compliance. Our turned parts meet the highest safety standards, ensuring the reliability of end products in sensitive environments.

Because each project is unique, we are committed to customizing our offer and services to meet your specific needs. Whether it is components for energy efficiency in buildings or precision parts for energy production, we adapt our solutions to your requirements.

Technological advances in materials, manufacturing and product design are essential to remain competitive. We regularly invest in our production tools and in the training of our employees to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Aware of the importance of sustainability and sensitive to environmental issues, we advise you on the most suitable and environmentally friendly materials and grades to contribute to a cleaner future.

Quality in the energy sector:

Each turned part undergoes rigorous quality controls, guaranteeing reliability, durability and exceptional performance.

We have an internal metrology laboratory equipped with measuring equipment allowing us to control the geometrical and dimensional criteria of your projects.

Applications and parts in the energy sector:

Components for Energy Production: Power plants, whether nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric or wind, require high-precision components for power generation. Turned parts are used in generators, turbines, photovoltaic generators, etc.

Electrical Networks and Distributors: Electrical networks and energy distributors require quality components to ensure reliable electricity distribution. Turned parts are used in electrical connections, switches, protection devices and other components of these networks.

Measuring and Control Instruments: The energy industry relies on precise measuring and control instruments to monitor and regulate processes. Electricity meters, sensors, control valves and other components are manufactured using turning.

Applications and parts in the building sector:

Domotics applications: Gears and pinions are essential for the transmission of force in home automation applications: for example, the motorization of roller shutters.

Water network: The circulation of water in a building, whether for heating or sanitary purposes, requires precision components to guarantee its proper functioning. Pumps, fittings and valves are manufactured using turning.

Air conditioning and Ventilation, heat pumps: Air conditioning, ventilation and temperature control systems rely on control valves and precision components to operate efficiently.

Electrical and lighting components: Electrical and lighting systems in buildings require high-quality electrical components to ensure safety and efficiency. Sockets, connectors and other electrical components are produced by turning.

Locksmithing and security: The security of buildings relies on high-precision locksmithing components. Locks and other security elements are manufactured using turning.