Machined parts for bicycles (e-bike, MTB, ATB), Sport & Leisure

For over two decades, our company has been proud to play a key role in the cycling industry, providing machined parts.

A long experience in the field of cycling allows us to better understand our customers and offer components that combine performance, technicality and aesthetics.

Our commitment to innovation, quality and precision has helped shape the cycling industry, by providing the highest quality components that have propelled bicycle performance to unprecedented levels.

Our customers range from passionate amateurs to professional athletes, and we make it a point of honor to provide the same level of performance to everyone.

We have been historically involved in the cycling sector, with 20% of our turnover coming from this sector.

As a supplier and manufacturer for world-renowned cycling brands, we are able to provide you with different types of bicycle parts, electric bicycle parts and mountain bike (MTB) parts.

Over the years, we have manufactured a wide range of components for the bicycle industry, including hubs, headsets, transmission components, and much more. Our products are used by renowned bicycle manufacturers and cycling enthusiasts around the world.

Our machine park is adapted to the production of medium and large series parts. We are equipped with multi-spindle and CNC lathes, as well as single-spindle lathes.

We have a particular expertise in the machining of aluminum, which is often used for its lightness and mechanical strength properties.

Key concepts:

Additional services for the manufacture of parts in the bicycle, electric bicycle and mountain bike sector

We can offer heat or surface treatments that improve the reliability of products subjected to extreme conditions of use.

In order to give your e-bike parts and MTB turned parts an aesthetic appearance, we can offer you different surface treatments such as anodizing or cathodic deposition.

Laser marking: allows for traceability or branding of your components