Sport and leisure

Our long-standing experience in the sport and leisure field allows Meunidec to understands his clients in this sector and offer components that combine performance, high technicity and aestheticism.

Our clients include passionate amateurs and professional sportspeople, we are proud to serve all athletes the same level of performance.

We have a long-standing history of involvement in the sports and leisure sector, which accounts for 20% of our turnover.

Our machinery can produce both medium and large series parts, we are equipped with CNC multi-spindle lathes and CNC single-spindle lathes

We are experts in machining aluminum, which is often used because of its lightness and high mechanical resistance.


Key concepts : 

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of our turnover in sport and leisure

Additional services:

Surface treatments. to enhance the aesthetic aspect of your parts, we are able to offer different surface treatments, such as anodization, etc. 

We can suggest treatments to improve the reliability of products subject to extreme use.