Manufacturer of machined parts for the defense sector

At MEUNIDEC, we are proud to be a player in the defense sector by providing turning solutions. Our commitment to precision, quality and confidentiality makes us your trusted partner for the manufacture of safety-critical components.

We have implemented strict protocols to ensure the confidentiality of each project we undertake.

We constantly invest in the latest technologies and turning machines to guarantee your production. Our expertise and technologies allow us to maintain tight tolerances.

Quality control for critical defense sector turned parts:

Each part we produce undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure full compliance with your requirements.

Machined part traceability / origin:

We are equipped with machines and quality means allowing us to control all the characteristics of your parts. We have 2 metrology laboratories to control all geometrical and dimensional criteria, and we are also equipped with 100% camera control machines.

We also have an in-house laser engraving machine allowing us to mark your components.

Components for the defense sector

Manufacture of critical components for the defense sector, such as ammunition parts.
machined part for the defense and military sector